Dragonflies in Action
Identifying your untold story from your every day props
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Suzanne Brereton



Diving deeper into myself helped me to transform my journey from shallows I had been satisfied with 20 years ago when I started my initial self-discovery journey to greater depths of the murky waters of deep dark secrets to truly find my essence.   Looking to heaven and hell did not help me cope with those secrets or find too many answers. Only when I started to take full responsibility for my life, ask those awkward questions and look within myself was I able to identify the illusions I was holding onto.   At that point I was able to start transforming my own life, learning about my inner wisdom and aligning myself to my true authentic nature that I was able to feel my energy flow within me.  Removing my illusions, removes my internal blocks, allowing me to connect my head to my heart and enabling me to manifest a life that is win-win for both my family and myself.  I have my rituals that help me reconnect throughout the day and empower me.  I hope some of musings and posts may assist you in some way along your journey.

What I have learnt is that there are signs every where which indicate how I am feeling and what I am thinking. My thoughts and feelings create a vibration which is projected into my external world and through my body. So my body’s health is a reflection of these vibrations and thoughts. My home and the items within in it are a reflection of how I feel about myself. Everything is interlinked so I am able to identify when I have stinking thinking and take action to change those fearful or worrisome thoughts.

The next step in my path will be putting this information into a format such as a book, that may help young people to take responsibility for their lives and the direction they wish to travel in while having fun exploring themselves.  We are not meant to always be serious with life as that blocks progress many times.  Relax & have fun!