Dragonflies in Action
Identifying your untold story from your every day props
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Talk on Venus in the Bedroom
5:30 PM17:30

Talk on Venus in the Bedroom

Venus is all about bringing fun and pleasure into our lives. She reflects the harmony, union and relationship we have with ourselves first and then others. Bring photos of your bedroom & let’s see where you could enhance the area to really feel good about yourself and your relationship with yourself.

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Mindfulness with Colour
7:00 PM19:00

Mindfulness with Colour

An introduction talk about using colour to become mindful of how you are feeling. Colour is all around us and influences us through the planets, moon, sun, astrological signs, plants, foods we eat, drinks we consume. Have you looked in your wardrobe recently? What colour stands out as your favourite at the moment? What does that colour mean to you?

If we are the guru of our own life, then taking responsibility means creating our own dictionary of colour/emotion connections. Identifying the connections between colour and our body health is also useful when diagnosing ourselves and deciding on the action to take to alter any imbalances.

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