Dragonflies in Action
Identifying your untold story from your every day props
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Dragonflies in Action

There is something exciting about taking control of your life, reconnecting to your inner self, empowering you to expand yourself through exposing the authentic you, the real you, the you that is both vulnerable and strong. Change those old roles & story to a new empowered version. Take those murky emotional depths, shake them up & explore them to find your hidden gems within. Choose for yourself which of these gems to use and embrace life with joy knowing you are at peace with yourself!


Identifying Your Untold Story From Your Every Day Props


We are bundles of vibrations, just like the objects around us. Our vibration is projected onto the objects that are in our environment for a length of time and our vibration is influenced by the objects we spend time with.

These vibrations become our thoughts over time and are based on the impact they have on our feelings.

These thoughts become the words, the habits, the attitudes and the actions that form our story. Words may be used to either heal us or hurt us, help us or hinder us when we use them every day on ourselves. They become part of our story that we keep telling ourselves.

transform your thoughts!

Are you intrigued to look at the words you use everyday in your thoughts or verbally?

Are you busy wondering why everyone else doesn’t change? If only, ….. then my life would be perfect or happy or better or wealthy, etc. Ever thought this?

The words we use & the actions we take are a reflection of how we feel about ourselves. They show up in how we present ourselves and our homes. Seriously, our homes are a reflection of our thoughts. So how we treat ourselves and our home comes back to those words we use that make up our story. Take this one step further, how we treat our body (home to all that is within us) is a reflection of our story as well.

Our world reflects back to us our thoughts

What if you changed yourself?

What if you only held onto things or people or experiences that you loved & released the remainder that you felt neutral about or disliked? Would you feel inner joy?

What if by de-cluttering your story (eg the old version of roles where the male was the protector & provider & the female was the nurturer, ancestral beliefs, emotional baggage or mental attitudes) helped to de-clutter your life, so you felt less confused, stifled or dis-empowered, began to change your story & empower yourself with inner truth?

What if you learnt how to see that your thoughts were based on the signs around you, that being mindful brings you a sense of direction and inner peace?

What if there was no judgement? Would you feel greater self-love towards you?

What if you could relax, have fun & embrace your senses? Would you feel your inner peace and become the sensual being you are meant to be?

We are like roses opening. Each flower opens when the petal is ready. We open ourselves up to alternative perspectives when we are ready to move forward in life, one petal at a time.

Your journey is yours alone to take! This is both a liberating concept (as you realise you are the only one responsible for your life) & exciting as you step into your true essence. 

Work with me to transform those stories you keep repeating, out of fear of diving deeper & reliving the hurt & ugliness of those deep dark secrets. Shift your perspective, learn to have fun and identify the gems from those experiences so that you may then choose to empower yourself.

Remember to live each moment with intention!

Time to have some fun & empower yourself!