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Distance Feng Shui Consultation

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_I received a House Reading from Suzanne and was so surprised to learn the results of this. To start with, I thought it was a reading for my home, though old, its new to us. To my surprise, the reading was how the.png

zodiac chart & nz first light flower essences

"Starting with goal setting, it was obvious straight away that I was just coasting along and had developed some unhealthy habits ... so goal setting definitely focuses on wellbeing and feeling good about myself."  - Anna

"So clutter and understanding clutter.  Starting with actual physical clutter and looking at the symbology of it has been quite a big event as it turns out."  - Anna

"Progress is slow but determined." - unnamed client



I found the information in this course to be very useful for me.  I was able to turn my life around because of the information I read here and I have started to take control of my life.  This process has not come easily as I am now aware that I have been allowing others to make so many of my decisions for me about how my life is to turn out.

"Your FREE course was good." - Rosina

"Loved the information in your FREE course.  It was a good reminder for me." - Denise


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"The musings of Suzanne make me ponder my own life and start looking at how I may change the parts I wish to change.  I find some of them very thought provoking but with time and looking within I can see life from a different perspective from my own." - unknown author

"nice conversation regarding this article..." - Kristen